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1. Interjection: Used to indicate that something has been prevented, blocked, or otherwise rejected.

2. Noun: Dikembe Mutombo, former NBA Player and Defensive Player of the Year.
1. That woman slammed the door in the face of that man! Mutombo!

2. I miss the good old days back when Mutombo was still around blocking shots.
by MFerg August 07, 2010
A very long and fat BLUNT.
Refers to Dikembe Mutombo's massively long finger.
"Wana get high?"


"If you hit this Mutombo, you will wake up in an African Hospital."
by Zeus the Rockets Fan February 05, 2010
a horbal gorbal, often used in reference to the girlfriend of an irishman.
"hey, mutombo...wake me up!!
by dodd April 12, 2005
krasser server commander, beherrscht vom ping zum dns alles blind
timer 10000 10 ping witzman
by Yakobusan March 24, 2003
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