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A kid that seems to be extremely attractive with the ideal sized penis for every situation. He enjoys to fight and tell kids off and stand up for oneself. Girls find him to be extremely attractive and everyone wants a little piece. Sometimes when in a bad mood will screw around with girls heads just because he feels like he can.
Oh thats just a Mutch
by who;) November 15, 2010
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How many mutual friends you have with someone on a certain social network.
Who the hell is this person who wants to be my friend? Somehow we have like 440 mutches. Stalker.
by thefoldrock January 11, 2011
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A clutch handbag designed for a Man's use.

Or a Man holding a clutch handbag.
Look at that man holding that clutch! What a MUTCH!
by Gifts of the Vagi May 23, 2009
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