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Tight Butthole (n) -- 1. An awesome thing. 2. A really awesome thing.
"Let's just get some more drinks, and make tonight a tight butthole!"
Group: (Cheers) "TIGHT BUTTHOLE!"

Guy 1: "Dude, this bowtie is so tight butthole."

Guy 2: "No dude, that bowtie is totally loose butthole!"
by thefoldrock June 01, 2011
When you brush the shoulder of a hottie, and then tweet that you're with said person, as if to make people think you "hit that".

Coined by band members of The Fold in their youtube creation "Can't Stop Twitterin"
"Yo, I'm chillin in a hottub with some hotties- I just hit it 'n twit it!!!!"

(person typing is actually on the other side of the hottub, looking awkward while the hotties are completely ignoring him)
by thefoldrock January 09, 2011
When a friend or mere acquaintance signs you up to sing a song at a karaoke bar, unbeknownst to you.
"I just went to this stupid place to honor my friend's 30th, but I totally got karaoke raped in the process."

Karaoke DJ's response to a bogus entry: "This bar does not support karaoke rape, if you're gonna cum- you cum willingly!"
by thefoldrock January 29, 2011
How many mutual friends you have with someone on a certain social network.
Who the hell is this person who wants to be my friend? Somehow we have like 440 mutches. Stalker.
by thefoldrock January 11, 2011
The act of temporarily forgetting an acronym, and needing to look it up, or ask a friend what it stands for.
"What's SMH again? Darn it, I KNOW THIS. I guess I'm having another fit of acronesia..."
by thefoldrock February 15, 2012
A terms tweens use instead of the freak word.
Yeah, Scotty is soo fricon sexy!!!!!! <333
by thefoldrock June 07, 2011
The panic that sets in when people start planning for the biggest blizzard of all time after they find out it's supposed to snow more than an inch or two.
Pal #1: "See you tomorrow"

Pal #2: "Nah, don't think so, haven't you heard it's snOMGeddon!? Go stock up on canned goods, see you in the Spring!"

Pal #1: "OMG!"
by thefoldrock January 31, 2011

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