An opiate-based pain medication abuser or junkie who is noticeably high in public, an opioid addict who doesn't care how they are perceived in public, a heroin or opioid abuser who is seen attempting to go about their day in public but is so high that everyone around them knows they are very high. Signs to look for-dilated pupils, slow movements, disheveled hair, dirty clothing, speech is incoherent, and the person may slobber or drool. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH A HOMELESS PERSON. A mutant IS NOT a recreational drug abuser/social drug user. A mutant may appear like a zombie stumbling about until they finally pass out for one of their frequent naps.
"Look at that line of mutants outside the pain clinic. Man every one of them is shaking from withdrawl and they look like they haven't showered in a week".
by OXYCop July 30, 2010
Changed by random cultural forces, which are in this analogy taking the role tha radioactivity takes in biological mutation.
They played a mutant version of bohemian rapsody.

Her art is sort of a mutant salvador dali-- the leopards aren't melting into clocks, they are melting into killer robots disguised as clocks.
by kia roach October 01, 2004
Some who displays no self control after smoking too much marijuana
Delargey was a fuckin mutant last weekend.
by KON101 January 08, 2008
Used in most cases to describe somone who is very strong or just overall badass. You can also use "Mute" or "Muuuuute"
"Dude, Abel squatted 600 pounds today"
"Yeah, he's a mutant"

"Dude Mike Alstott is a freakin mutant!"

Moses = Mutant
by thomas February 17, 2005
1. Term to describe Chris Carpio for his freakish 0wN4g3 skills in CS and Unreal Tournament.
1. Release the mutant!
by The OC November 01, 2004
hideously deformed beyond recognition
nol's bung eye... *shudders*
by Rossy August 24, 2003
Being in the state of having drunk far too much and looking a hell of a lot worse than the goddess u were when leaving at the beginning of the evening.
I got sooo mutant last night!

Man, did u see that Chick? She was mutant!!
by MJSWISSY September 18, 2006

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