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The act of tongueing the ass of a lover with diarrhea.
She admittedly ate Taco Bell before our date, and as it turned out, I gave her the ol' mustard plug the next morning.
by Joe Dugger May 04, 2005
A small amount of solid poop holding back diarrhea like the small amount of hard mustard in the top of a mustard container.
I sat down on the toilet and the mustard plug pooped out then was followed by explosive diarrhea.
by RyzeX November 09, 2013
when a man fucks a women with a yeast infection, and then sticks his meat in her ass...and then it burns
johnny gave that nasty ho with a yeast infection a mustard plug
by dominick July 10, 2008
The yellow, green or brown paste found on the end of ones penis after engaging in anal intercourse.
The sex was great last night, except I got a mustard plug.
by Misfit December 18, 2003