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(n.) a twist on a regular spelling bee, where students try to stump teachers on current slang. (From the movie, "Chalk.")
Ms. Carroll won the Spelling Hornet on the word "G dep'd."
by jukaswo December 26, 2007
When you're speeding and someone stays behind you at the same pace, in the hopes that -- should a cop be nearby -- you'll get pulled over instead of them.
When I drove home from California, this guy was riding my radar the entire time.
by jukaswo November 06, 2007
The ball of dried lotion that shoots out of the bottle when you attempt to dispense the lotion.
I went to pump some Vaseline Intensive Care, and a giant lotion booger squirted out.
by jukaswo November 06, 2007
The dried bit of mustard that squirts out of the bottle first. (See also: "lotion booger.")
Dammit! I got a mustard plug on my hot dog!
by jukaswo November 06, 2007
A burdensome choice for a running mate who -- because of her divisiveness, whiny voice, and IQ of 60 -- becomes a huge obstacle to your being elected president
Dammit! This is my last chance at the Presidency and that Sarahlbatross is ruining everything!
by JuKaSwo October 17, 2008
A phrase you say to a person who is acting like a hoosier (the St. Louis kind, not the Indiana kind).
Let's say a person is using poor grammar, being a racist, or has on bad clothes. You would say to them, "Watch out.. your hoosier is showing."
by jukaswo November 06, 2007
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