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Toyota: A Japanese baced automotive company that is highly involved in CART and Indy racing leauges. Produces efficent and long lasting cars, as well as performance cars such as MR2 SW20, Corolla AE86, and of course Supra. While Toyota has its nay-sayers normally consisting of Domestic manufactures supporters, Toyota works in conjunction with Cheverolet to produce cars that cost less, but,with the same quality one would expect from each company.
"My 1991 MR2 has a E.T. of 12.1 with only $26,000 invested (inclueding car). Try finding a car for $26K that can do that."
by Brudog91MR2 December 08, 2003
Mustang: A performance baced automobile that, if done correctly, is an excellent machine suited for racing. However, on the street, any Mustang driver that challanges a Civic, unless the Civic is obviously fast (baced on knoledge of the car), is merely trying to boost their own ego by challageing a car with a far lower displacement. Also, Horsepower is not every thing,its part of the whole perfromance, but the most important aspect of an automobiles over-all performance is weight. Lightness is key to performace:High Horsepower Car(i.e. Mustang, Camero and such) - All of the crap it dosent need = Higher perfomance. Weight, not power is the most important thing in racing.
Ricer (ri-sr): Any one who is focused on the amount of ice the car contains, and only uses dyno numbers and the amount of money spent in order to modify their car to some how outdo others
by Brudog91MR2 December 08, 2003
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