When playing an instrument such as a guitar, and your band plays a song where you will have a killer solo, but the band stops playing right before your solo. You are left helpless with musical blue balls.
Jack's garage band was playing One by Metallica and stopped playing the song right before Jack's big guitar solo; Jack had anticipated his solo so much that when he did not get to play it, he got musical blue balls, or MBB.
by John8 November 02, 2007
The frustration that one experiences when a radio station plays only the beginning of a really awesome song when they are demonstrating what type of music that the station plays.
I got total Musical Blue Balls today when this radio station played the only intro to like 3 of my favorite songs. Such a tease!
by GeeWillickers February 28, 2010
After waiting weeks to go to a conert, You hear the first five notes at said concert, but then it gets called off due to injury or retardation.
Last night i went to the free alexisonfire concert, And after 12 seconds i was about to nut but then someone broke the barrier and everyone was kicked out. I feel like i have musical blue balls
by 2010 olympic spirit February 17, 2010
Crapping out at the peak of a musical phrase.
Cut...Which ass hole took a breath at the end of the crescendo? Thanks for the musical Blue-balls!
by the even better half May 17, 2010

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