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Initialism for McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Bain & Co. — the top three strategy consulting firms.
He worked his ass off all through grad school to land a consulting job at MBB, only to be declined by all three.
by KoolBeanz78 January 05, 2010
"Mommy best buddy" - the number one friend a woman has after hving children. Generally another woman with children the same or similar age.
"Thank you for being there through my ppd."
"That's what a mbb is for."
by Novii June 07, 2015
Money Before Bitches
Saying 'Money Before Bitches' takes too much time. MBB is so much easier, no? As in: "MBB, bro."
by LordVada April 10, 2008
Group of 3 friends, L, D, and C. Theme song is Raise Your Glass by Pink. Can be found in the Midwest, east coast, or tropical islands. Merry Band of Bitches
The Merry Band of Bitches were out in full force last night. Nobody knows what happened to the bus. MBB
by Decoman June 05, 2014
Extremely Intellectually Handicapped.
Ex1: "He's Worse than a Pendy! He's a Fucking Mbbs!"
Ex2: "Hey look it's An Mbbs driving that Taxi!"
by C0ll1S01N November 17, 2009
mbbs stands for the Muslim Bomb Blowjob Shack. It is a place for people to purchase explosives and oral pleasures. It is normally located in residential areas.
Person 1: Hey what are you doing tonight?
Person 2: Im going to the MBBS to get my genetalia wet.
Person 1: Hey ill come with you! my neighbors cat has been pissing all over my car so i think ill buy some landmines to fix that.
Person 2: Sounds good man!
by Army Man 2009 November 09, 2009
MBB means My blood boils. It is used at the start of a sentence that begins usually like, "MBB when". This is similar to FML that it mentions an anecdote but different in that MBB comes at the beginning while FML is said at the end.
MBB when I take a shower and then I have to poop immediately after it.
by Abdul Turner May 26, 2009
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