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A word with no meaning, often shouted or slipped into convosations to trigger a diffrent emotion, depending on how or in what context the word is said in. Usually results in confusion.
Fred - I need help with my exam, got any tips for me?
Jebadiah - Musha.
by Jebadiah. April 25, 2010
26 5
this is where they give it up the ass using a pair of pink rubber gloves
don't go near andy whiitaker he loves to do this the onli ppl who willl let him is mike harwood
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
8 32
its wear they giv it u up the ass using there hand and a rubber glove don't go near rob harney he does it all the time and trust me it isn't nice!!!!
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
6 32