Townie slang for one's friend, or associate.
"Alright, mush?"
by -Mikey G- February 12, 2003
Something cute
"You're such a mush!" or piet
by what'sapseudonym June 16, 2013
Super handsome brown kid. Would love to cover him in whipped cream and lick him all over. Has the sexiest voice. and the most incredibly piercing eyes. In short, he's a stud. I want him to have my babies.
Mush is soooo damnnn hott!!!
by xoxooxo January 19, 2013
The act of getting baked then falling into a pit of absolute comfterableness and eventually drifting off into oblivion
"Dude i smoked so much Chron i fll back on my bed and mushed"
by AyDriUl October 14, 2011
Weed, to smoke weed.
Aye my nigka were gunna go mush yu in?
by PoislNigka12 February 05, 2011
a circumsised penis.
as the bellend looks like a mushroom - then shortened to mush
can also be used as an insult.
Elliot you mush!
Ouch, my mush is killing!
by JewBoyy123 July 12, 2009
A Man Crush
The guy at the coffee shop has a mush on Jeff.
by Mtopo May 11, 2009
Pronounced "moosh"

A word used mainly by school students to warn of approaching teachers/authority figures. More effictive that saying "Shhhh" or "Shut-up, teacher", which tends to raise supsicion.

Used to hault a potentially punishable verbal tirade, or merely to instill caution.
Student 1: My God, that new guy is such a goddamn cun-
Student 2: Mush!
Student 1: Good Afternoon, sir...
by toowoooooooomba September 10, 2007

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