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Envied by many, looks so good others can't take their eyes off of him.
1.Someone's looking real murtaza today!
2.I wish I was murtaza.
by m-tizzle April 13, 2005
A very cool guy.. too tall and a lazy butt
get up you MURTAZA!!!
by jam March 31, 2005
the smart leader very good looking ladies can stop watching him musceular rich and hot.
you are very (murtaza) today .
by smart afghan October 29, 2012
From the term Eh mah murtaza, it is from the arabic name. And old people constantly use it in their phrases, it sounds cool when the ringras say it, but not anyone else.
ure dad caught u looking at porn, "EH MAH MURTAZA"
by unknown February 22, 2005
A murgi or a chicken. very lazy.
not very brave and can be easily owned, even by people younger.
Why aren't you answering back to the bully, are you a murtaza?

Don't be a murtaza and go to sleep when you're supposed to be studying.
by let'slaugh August 16, 2011
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