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Full name Murtagh Morzansson, this legendary but tragically fictional guy is by far the awesomest, hottest, most epical not to mention TOTALLY BADASS character in the Inheritance Cycle, END OF. Played by the equally awesome, hot and epical Garrett Hellund in the film. He carries a hand and a half sword, and wears black leather, is a crack shot with a bow and arrow, and is slightly twisted and evil, ie. FREAKING HOT. What's not to love?!
Son of Morzan, Galbatorix's previous evil *probably hot* hench minion, who is killed by Brom. Also the best friend/arch enemy of the not-anywhere-freaking-near-as-hot-or-awesome Eragon. He is forced by Galbatorix to become his evil hench minion *boooo and also not boo cos it's HOT* and rides a big ass red dragon called Thorn. This, while in NO WAY detracting from his hotness or awesomeness, means he is away being evil with Galbatorix and therefore tragically MISSING from most of Eldest *boooo* and far more of Brisingr *booo* than is good for the health of his devoted fangirls, who totally adore him. Because he is AWESOME. And hot. VERY HOT.
Me: I'm in love with a fictional character...
Fangirl No 2: What, apart from Draco Malfoy?
Me: Yes...Murtagh! He's just SO DAMN HOT
Fangirl No 2: IKR
Both Fangirls: *squeals of happiness*
by TheWuzzy July 03, 2011
Luke 'Original Moses' Murtagh. Born 29th August, 1802 BC. Spawned as a frog/fish/rat in the Fender, in a Moses basket (hence the name) on the Wirral. The only living Jedi to have survived both World Wars and the ridiculous politics of 19th Century Britain. Currently resides on the Durley, betwixt the Pebb and the Webb, Wirral, Merseyside where his Moses basket was found by Dangly Dawn (the mother). One of the most plain, extraordinary and revolutionary creations known to man.
Luke Murtagh (God).
by Adamtallica April 15, 2013
A pathetic little man. Usually suffers from a twitch that affects only one shoulder, and is often seen walking aimlessly in circles.

An idiot. Makes up nicknames for himself such as: Captain Whitesnake.

A truly pathetic individual.
Brian: Man your clothes are so like... uncool hey.

Frank: Oh no dude, really? I feel real bad now.

Brian: On the other hand, check out that Murtagh over there!

Frank: Thanks man, I don't feel so bad about myself now.
by smoka36 March 14, 2010
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