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When instead of going to prom, a bunch of bros host a small get together at a fellow bros house. The word is a contraction of Bro and Prom.
Bro #1: You going to prom Bro #2?
Bro #2: Nope.
Bro #1: Wanna have Brom at my house then?
Bro #2: Yeah.
by tHobbs721 May 05, 2010
the word 'brom' means homie, friend, buddy, etc. usually used either by young people or old people, if they want.
rachel: hey brom, wassup?!
hollie: whattup my brom?!
rachel: aaaay.
hollie: yeaaaah.
by bromface June 19, 2009
Misspelling of broom. Became common use on sports message boards.
Break out the broms! The Phillies are going to sweep the Mets!
by Degz April 04, 2011
A combination of bro and holmns. What you say to your best buds.

pronounced Broh mms
Sup broms?
by Brofessor BROmide January 24, 2012
brom: n. A date involving bros and noms.
Bro #1: "Bro, I'm so hungry, let's get Chipotle!"

Bro #2: "Bro, it's a brom."
by McClellend March 09, 2010
BROM is a widely recognized and highly acclaimed veteran in the fantasy art industry, distinctly recognized for the "dark feel" he embelishes in his paintings. Work is often found published in Wizards of the Coast products, and similar Role-playing games (eg, D&D, Dead Lands, Magic: the Gathering, etc)

(Further reference: Official art site can be found at
Fanboy: Man, Brom's art is da COOOOLEST!
by Alhadis January 18, 2004
an awsome mofo from florida alabama area. has a addiction to beer. also this creature known as brom has a giant fucking nose. oorrah
did u see that brom he was an ugly one
by murdoc65 July 11, 2010
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