That kid is a Murphy. A complete stalker online. He hunts people down. And watches Django Unchained.
"That kid is a Murphy, he always has his computer and is Facebook stalking while watching that one movie!"
by Who The Hell Are You? May 21, 2013
1. Slang word for 'penis'
2. Also known as 'cock'
3. Nickname for ESL Chinese students
1. Leva said "man, I really love Murphys."
2. His Murphy was of a decent size
3. A Chinese student couldn't speak English well. He went to Shopper's for a Coke, but instead asked for a cock. All the students called him Murphy after that.
by PDev October 23, 2009
Murphy is a handsome, well-behaved and smart dog. A labradoodle Murphy is the best type of Murphy, they are especially amazing.
"What's that dog doing humping that small Asian boy? "
"It's Murphy, he is into that kind of stuff. "

"What should I name my dog? I want him to be handsome, well behaved and generally amazing."

"Who is that Kidd walking that super handsome dog? "
"I don't know the Kidd, but that there is Murphy. "
by TheWebmaster November 07, 2010
A hairy beast who enjoys stealing cheese and being grumpy
Dude, he just stole my cheese.

What a total Murphy
by Kimbodia0 December 03, 2011
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