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Short for Marmot, the jacket that everyone and their mother owns in Harlem, NYC.
My nigga, I just copped the newest murm. Yerrrr!
by Sebby Lite January 21, 2009
1. verb, to flirt excessively, whether to attract a mate or simply by nature.
3. noun, the strangely beautiful and often bubbly noise made by teenage girls when executing plans for attracting the opposite sex. Highly attractive and nearly irresistible, this noise often results in the goldfish-like gaping of blonde haired teenage boys.
1. dude, check out that hard core murmage going on over there..
1. that girl is murming all over that guy with her spanish boy magnet nails.
by rleloudis July 06, 2010
To sit on one's ass all day, being lazy and not leaving your household. Relaxing, chilling or doing absolutely nothing. Basically, doing fuck all.
I just wanna fuckin' murm today, I'm so hungover!
by Murm Maestros April 15, 2011
Derived from the term "mercy"... Murm is a term used to tell someone that you already understand the point they are trying to make, yet they continue to over explain themselves the point of obnoxiousness.
I told that girl to murm when she went on and on about how rich her boyfriend is.
by Shellos May 19, 2007
An acronym for Sperm
Derived by adding the words "Man" and "Sperm"
She had his murm all over her face
by Acrid August 27, 2007
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