Munro Chambers is the hottest Canadian alive. He plays Eli Goldsworthy on Degrassi. He is the most amazingly devious sexy beast to ever walk the earth. If you're reading this Munro just know you have millions of fan girls who will probably do anything for/to you. Munro Chambers can look hott even when he's getting his ass kicked. I LOVE MUNRO CHAMBERS! and he also has a twin...double Munro :D
Dude, yer almost as hott as Munro Chambers, LOLJK no one is.
by becca182fbtw October 16, 2010
Top Definition
Munro Chambers (plays Eli Goldsworthy on Degrassi) is the hottest guy of life. <3 He can sing, dance, and act. I wouldn't be surprised if he could fly too.
With a name like Munro Chambers, it has to be good <3
by Madame_Degrassi October 17, 2010
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