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One of the newer characters of "Degrassi: The Next Generation". Elijah (Eli) Goldsworthy, portrayed by Munro Chambers, often wears alot of black clothing, guyliner, and scribbles his nails with black pen in class. Opinionated, voluntarily "different", and always at the ready with a well-crafted snarky comment, Eli is the kind of outsider who can't escape bullies' attention for long. But, if he truly cared what bullies thought, he wouldn't drive a vintage hearse to school every day.
12 year old Degrassi die-hard #1: "Ohmigosh!! Eli Goldsworthy is sooooo hawt!! Don't you think?!"

12 year old Degrassi die-hard #2: "Totally, I wanna butcher Clare that ho-bag!!!"
by yyyyyyyouknow July 29, 2010
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The hottest character ever one Degrassi. Most girls only like him because he is hot, but he is also, witty, funny, deep, mysterious and obviously a really good kisser since Clare came in the middle of the hallway after kissing him. He was a season ten addition.
Oh my God! Eli Goldsworthy is amazing! Best Degrassi character ever!
by LUVMESOMELI September 01, 2010
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