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To stick only the tip of your penis in a girl's vagina.
"The vagina was too small so I had to munk it for a while."
by Jon Peemack April 22, 2008
noun: short for mega chunk. A large chunk of dirt, grass, or other natural material found in drinking water obtained from a river, stream, or other natural water source. Usually found while backpacking or camping
origin: When a group of Pasadena students were on a backpacking trip in the San Jacinto wilderness, they called small pieces of dirt in their water chunks. The large ones were called mega chunks which became m'unks
Oh crap! There's a m'unk in my water!
by Daniel Lizardo October 09, 2007
word meaning cannabis (stoner language)
how much munk haave you got left
by jonny hoot February 17, 2005
unwashed undergarments, whose stench can be detected from up to 5 miles away.worn predominantly by smelly wee men.the stink may cause nausea and vomiting in those who are exposed to it.
smell ure munks
by marie the wise November 08, 2003
The female genitalia; like 'cunt' only you can say it in the presence of your parents and they are less likely to know what it means and kick your ass.
I can't believe no-one else has already defined 'munk' as meaning the female genitalia!
Also used as an insult (you're such a munk, gordon)or an expletive (oh, munking hell!, for munk's sake!)
by The Mad Munk February 12, 2004
Female genitalia specifically belonging to a woman with children. Mom + Junk = Munk.
Dude, did you see that picture of Britney Spears? You can see her munk!
by Shaloopy-doo February 21, 2007
Verb. Refers to the act of ejaculating and defecating simultaneously due to a stimulation of the male or female genitalia that causes a sudden push on the rectum, causing involuntary deification.

Most likely to occur when one is engaging in sexual intercourse while suffering from an irritable bowel or experiencing diarrhea.

Noun. Used as a noun, Munk refers to the combination of ejaculate and feces that has been produced through the act of Munking.
As a verb:

While having sex with my girlfriend last night, to my dismay I munked all over the bed at climax and now owe her a new comforter.

The first time I performed oral sex on her, she munked on my face and I was never the same.

I learned to never masturbate after taking ex-lax for you run the risk of munking.

As a Noun:

My mother was not happy when she noticed the munk all over my shorts in the laundry.
by GoBag November 09, 2009
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