A cross between a munter and a mink, an unimaginably ugly person who not only dresses like a tramp, but also smells like one.
Oh my guiness, that Bev chick in our office is such a munter and dresses like the clothes were found in and OXFAM reject bin, surely she compliments both munters and minks and is therefore, a MUNK !
by P4D March 23, 2007
This is a word that is a shortened version of the very unpopular and 'wannabe cool' music of modern punk. It needs to be used in order to get people to think that this music is actually real punk such as The Clash and The Stranglers yet people who actually think modern punk is a real type of music do not use this word as they think it is an insult to the awful sounds. Modern Punk itself was decribed by some critics as the worst they have 'ever heard' and this is why very few of the worlds population listen to it.
"Hey, you dont listen to punk, YOU LISTEN TO MUNK"
"Do you really want to listen to that munk?"
"Munk is not punk, it is munk"
"Munk (sound of gun firing into head)"
by James-2234 May 08, 2008
To mess something up. Another word for "the f word"

I really don't want to munk this up.

I got into a car accident and now my hood is all munk'd up.
by Little Oral Annie January 28, 2009

(v) Commonly used within a circle of friends engaging in smoking a joint. To be munked is to be passed in the rotation due to choking, coughing or being too intoxicated to take another hit.
Can be used as a cutdown, a simple declarative or a command.
"Yo! I am so fucking faded right now ... munk me."

"That guy is a big pussy, he munked after only one rotation!"

-"Yo holmes take that shit!"
-"(Cough Cough Cough) Munk! (Cough Cough Cough)
by theKnuckler September 05, 2007
jizz, cum, spunk, sperm
I threw my munk all over her back.
by atombomb October 20, 2004
my name is munk
by Hamish February 06, 2003
A large man who rolls round the gill stroking mens arms
Get that large freak away from me
by herdie December 13, 2003

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