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A necro-exual situation involving taking a female corpse that's been rotting for a short while and placing her under a tree, spreading her legs, and opening your mouth while a friend climbs the tree with a bowling ball and drops it on the corpse's stomach.
My friend wanted a munion but was too lazy to grab a shovel and work for it.
by The OJB December 01, 2006
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These are any students or faculty of Memorial University of Newfoundland. A term created by Alannah Pumphrey
There are so many MUNions studying in the Library today.
by MUNion February 21, 2014
The definitions 1 and 2 are bogus. Nevermind psychopathically gross. The word munion actually means cross hatching, or grids,usually wood or metal, inside a window frame.
The munions in the window divided the larger piece of glass into 9 different sections.
by Beefmeister September 25, 2009
A necro-sexual situation, whereby upon the death of a virgin girl (preferably a young girl), the body is left in some isolated place (best if the location is humid and dank) for 2 weeks. A person may jump on the stomach of the cadaver, drop a bowlingball on her stomach or any other such forcefull thing... The liquid slurry that pours from her rotting virgin twat is munion.
"Man, that munion tasted good!"
by Meesha22 January 11, 2010
n.: Possibly the worst thing you could do to somebody after death. Once the person is buried and rotted for a good 2 to 3 months, the remains are then excavated by two men. When they have a cadaver out of the casket, one member lays down on his back, the other standing above him holding the corpse. He then begins beating on the head, formaldehyde and other preservatives fall free from the decaying body into the mouth of the guy lying on the ground.
Lets give her a munion after she dies.
by Shield of Meat May 15, 2006

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