Short for the "man jungle." This refers to all the hair, normally of substantial length, around the penis.
The dick crept from the mungle to prepare for sex.
by The True Maverick August 10, 2009
Top Definition
A slow and relaxing Badger style walk to a cafe where you gorge yourself on a builders breakfast
Going for a mungle
by bigrobbo65 January 05, 2010
the space from your balls to you ass
I went running today and now my mungle is all sore.
by g35engr November 07, 2006
same as to "mung" someone except to the male species. The process of digging up a dead man from a graveyard, having 1 guy jump on top of his stomach, and 1 guy with his mouth to the dead mans testicles until all the dead semen explode from his testicles
I mungled your grandpa last night
by mike October 15, 2003
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