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Adjective used to describe a hot man or woman.
"God that Brad is sooo munchable!!"
by ?..? August 03, 2007
Those little nibbles you have with your lady when you're watching a movie
Amy says "Hey Dev, fancy watching a film tonight and grabbing some munchables?"
by Amz&Devz January 18, 2015
Any food or tasty treat that will quell an insatiable hunger caused by ingestion of some killer doobage.
Yo dude, tell me you got some munchables?
by Dooch September 07, 2005
a hot chick who you suspect of having a nice biscuit
joe: damn jessica is looking good
kevin: yeah dude that's got to be some munchable cake
by jimmy football2002 May 17, 2010
noun. A food, generally a snack, which is appetizing and will quell one's munchies (esp. something especially delicious).

adjective. Something that appears to be quite delicious and, is thus, in danger of becoming munchie food.

Extensive indulgence in this type of food will most likely be accompanied by becoming munchierific.
"Hey, do you have any munchables? I'm so hungry right now."

"I've got some Cheez-It's and Goldfish."

"Solid, those are pretty munchable."
by TommyTrees November 22, 2012
Munchable is a platonic friend (mainly of the opposite sex) who you like to cuddle and hang out with but would never ever date.
Oh, that girl? Yeah, she's just a munchable. We hang out but I wouldn't date her.
by Jim E. April 09, 2007
something you really want to munch on, but they dont let you.
omg your so munchable, dont munch on me lol
by special timmy June 05, 2009
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