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Of or referring to the left or right butt cheek. - Noun
When a female acts as a male and participates in online sexual actions with a homosexual - Verb
Landen: Mikey put your tree between my muncha 's.
Mikey: Okay you have some fine Muncha's there Landen, mmmmmm!
by Laynessa December 29, 2008
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1. (noun) an asscheek in which you insert your tree which has to be covered by a huge bush
2. (verb: 'to muncha') when a girl acts as a boy and participates in online sexual actions with a homosexual.
1. (noun) Oh my god I want to stick my hairy maple between your left muncha and right muncha!
2. (verb) Damn Jenny I want Mike to be on so I can muncha the hell out of him.
by BigblackMunchasBaby October 30, 2008
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