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The appearence of one's dick when cleaning one's dick with toilet paper or kleenex after sex.
I was cleaning my junk with toilet paper after sex and the pieces of paper that got stuck made it look like a mummy dick. So I chased my girlfriend around the room with it.
by dohboy69 August 27, 2009
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the term used to describe the way your junk looks after gold bonding
I used a lot of gold bond, got me some mummy dick
by goombotz August 18, 2009
A:) When a person in Cinnaminson Wraps toilet paper around their weiner
B:) When your wiener dies and your body doesnt; hences preserved by toilet paper
After having my weiner bitten off by a KlossStien McDevin, and returned in toliet paper, sewed back on, and it bacame a Mummydick
by SJ3 December 01, 2006

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