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someone who diddles, hooks up with fat chicks, gets the chick sitting in the corner in the bar, or uses his work as a dating service
hey what is he doing over there?
Dude kreeped her the other day.
kreep ganked her when she was a cashier.
by goombotz July 10, 2008
doing alright, livin the high life, content, doing good, got a good buzz going, have a full drink, good, better than expected (caution never to be asked to someone, straightbox only works as a response)
'Hey Creep, you need another red stripe?'

'Nah I'm straightbox'


'How's the Wild Turkey hunt?'

'straightbox you yankee bastard'

Incorrect usage - Butters: 'hey you straightbox?'
by goombotz June 13, 2008
a person who charges their electronics at some place other than their place of residence
"Old Butters always charges his phone when he comes over"
"yes he is quite a joule thief"
by goombotz August 18, 2009
the term used to describe the way your junk looks after gold bonding
I used a lot of gold bond, got me some mummy dick
by goombotz August 18, 2009

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