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The act of deficating with explosive force. When doing so faecies hits toilet water blowing fecal matter on the side walls (Spackle), underneath the toilet seat lid (Blow-Back) and back on the buttocks of person sitting (Shit Sickles). This action is signiture by these three results. Term commonly use in the fire service around the country.
Commonly seen in patients with IBS and crohn's disease. " I have to take a Mulkey" or "Who took a mulkey in there."
by James Mulkey December 04, 2007
Term commonly use in the fire service in Southeast United States, descrbing explosive diaherra. After taking a "Mulkey" toilet is usually left in disaray. When closely examined spackle and blow-back will be noted on inside of bowel. Example's of a "mulkey" can be found in a Mexican restaurant bathroom.
That toilet got distroyed, Who took a Mulkey?
I just ate PF Chang, I have to take a Mulkey.
Ihave to clean the toilet, someone took a "Mulkey"
by fireman34 December 23, 2007
A stupid bitch named maddy with big eyes
Dam have you seen that girl named maddy?
Yeah dude shes annoying as shit.

She is totaly mulkey.
by Kuku123 January 01, 2011
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