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A box-cutter or exacto-knife. After Muhammed Atta, the Egyptian-born Muslim 9/11 hijacker.
Muhammed wielded his muhammed at the terrified passengers while chanting "Allahu Akhbar."
by Iblisatan January 19, 2007
473 419
The prophet of Islam. You are supposed to say "Peace be upon him" after ever single time you say his name. This is sometimes shortened to (PBUH). Drawing pictures of Muhammad(PBUH) can get you murdered, because Islam is the nation of peace, and Muslims love freedom of speech. Muhammed(PBUH) had many wives, the best known was 9 year old Aisha.
Muhammed(STFU) was a pedophile and fraud.
by Salman Rushdie March 01, 2008
949 674
prophet of himself under guise of islam
muhammed did many conquests
by convert or dial May 19, 2013
49 20
The worst, most obscene expletive in the English language. Using this word is the most offensive thing to anyone's ears. Much more offensive than "fuck".
South Park never censored the word "fuck" or any other expletive, but during the broadcast of Episode 201, the word "Muhammed" was censored out every time.
by Lichtsprecher May 11, 2010
258 235
the most commonly used name on earth.

read a fucking book for once.
fogell: yeah. it was between that and muhammed.
seth: why the fuck would it be between that and muhammed? why dont you just pick a common name like a normal person?
fogell: muhammed is the most commonly used name on earth. read a fucking book for once.
by fuckel January 13, 2009
221 210
The last prophet. Founder of Islam.
Muhammed (PEACE be upon him) was a great man.
790 795
the meaning of the name is a person who thanks god. the last messenger of god's name is muhammed.
Muhammed was and will always be the greatest person known to him came the revelation and through him god decided to spread the word of islam, which came as a completion to christianity and judism and is the ultimate religion.
by wmr December 13, 2005
361 450