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A combination of blah and arghh;to be bored senceless by impending doom.
I was being chased by this guy in a hockey mask and I was like that's so last century; "Blarghh"
by dreamkurn2001 August 29, 2010
a david lynch movie...about hookers, personality disorders, the devil, and as well it had abit about talking rabbits that scared the fuck out of me.
The talking rabbit ironing her clothes was so fucking creepy i pissed myself and crawled under my bed; thank you david lynch for never letting me down :) Yippi I Love Inland Empire...
by dreamkurn2001 August 31, 2010
secrete addictive fluids from erect penis located oddly enough on their foreheads; see reptiles.
mugwumps have no liver and are nourished exclusively on sweets; "any sweets for fats?"
by dreamkurn2001 August 29, 2010

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