Muggles are by definition the people who has not been touched by magical fairy dust aka they are heterosexual breeders
A: Stop your wishful thinking, he is definitely a muggle!

B(non-muggle guy): Oh bummer, but he's so hot!
by Fiyero109 January 21, 2009
a yuppie, square or typical uptight normal person.
Starbucks is a great place to go coffee - if you're a MUGGLE - or - this neighborhood was great until all the MUGGLES moved in and drove the rents up.
by J Cobbett March 28, 2007
The name for a non immortal, according to the books written by J.K. Rowling.
Ron- You lived with a muggle the first eleven years of your life? Wow!
Harry- Not just one, three of them! They're terrible, non-magical folk.
by JJ Potter March 17, 2011
A derogatory term for humans with no magical abilities. Used by wizards, witches, other magic folk, and freak wannabe's. Becomes non-derogatory when used by fellow non-magic persons to their fellow mugs.
Wizard freak: "Ha, ha! Yer a retarded muggle!"(Throws dirt)
Muggle: *cries*


Normal Person: "Hey, yo! Wuddup m' muggle?!
Muggle: "Nuttin' much, blud."

by Mbeh September 23, 2007
to snuggle with your man friend (usually this happens by accident after a long night of drinking alcohol).
I heard you and john got muggles after you passed out on the floor last night.
by lawrence bryant April 12, 2008
to snuggle your child til YOU fall asleep and have your purse {muggled} through by said child.
Me and (child's name) muggled for 2 hours today.
by Cindie O January 17, 2009
When a little girl, mixes up the word mugged with muggled.
mom: where's my cell?
girl: um.. i got.. muggled!
mom: *calls the cops*
cops: so little girl, what really happend?
girl: well, i got, u know.. muggled!
by mickey_30 December 04, 2006
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