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A large fruit enjoyed in asian cultures. Only those those who will brave the foul odor and dangerous spines are worthy to enjoy the repulsive slime contained within.

Eating of durian may be more of a badge of cultural identity than nutrition; in this respect, it shares company with Marmite, Lutefisk, Spam, and Poutine.
What insane person would flavor perfectly good bean-cake with durian?!
by phildonnia June 14, 2004
( < Harry Potter usage, also by association with "smuggle")
1. (noun)(Geocaching) A non-geocacher, especially one from whom geocaching activities must be concealed.
2. (verb)The vandalization of a geocache by a muggle.
"I was unable to approach the cache during the day because there were too many muggles about."
"Could not find the cache, it may have been muggled."
by phildonnia June 14, 2004
(Real-estate jargon)
1. A questionable or irresponsible way of obtaining needed funds.
2. Theft
1. "I bought my dream ride with a 29% loan, but I can pay it back when the Nigerian government sends me my check."
2. "Keep an eye out while I work out some creative financing on this jacket."
by phildonnia June 14, 2004
(Used in construction)
Clear silicone caulk.
Don't let the new guy seal the tub; I don't wanna be coming back to pick gorilla snot off the walls.
by phildonnia April 25, 2005
Gasoline. (Contracted from "octane", and spelled " 'tane " in some cases.

Usage note: this word can only be found written in the lyrics of CCR's "Proud Mary", and does not seem to be in general usage. Some debate exists as to whether the word "pain" was intended. If so, John Fogerty's pronciation is so bad that not only would most listeners mistake a "P" for a "T", but would go so far as to assume the existence of a new word to do so.
Pumped a lotta 'tane down in new orleans...
by phildonnia March 25, 2005
A bad-ass australian motherfucker, used as a surrogate for a more traditional weapon.
A: "I don't need a gun mate, I gotta donk."
B: "What's a donk?"
Donk: *POW* DONK!
by phildonnia June 16, 2004

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