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muffstash is the patch of hair left in a strip on the vagina. The muffstash like its brother the moustache which is usually found on the upper lips of men and hairy obese woman, is groomed to perfection daily. but unlike the moustache in purpose the muffstash has no real function other to collect an acute line of stink and look silly, like shingles in the Vanilla Ice era.
'hawt damn woman! why you got a sideways moustache on the outskirts of your birth canal, thats naasty'

that my muffstash honey, it's in honor of Magnum PI
by suitanun January 11, 2010
a muffstash is what someone acquires from eating a girls box. not just any box... a nasty stinky one.
chris: dude it smells like vagina everywhere i go!
brennan: i dont smell a thing man
chris: i did eat that girls box lastnight
brennan: aww gross! your probably just smelling ur muffstash
by mcjizz March 07, 2011

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