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The Merging of the words Mushroom and Muffin, it is the most frabjous thing in the world, as it is very cute, and delicious. It's best flavor is Blueberry but Gummy Bear Muffrooms are scrumptious as well.
omg, the bakery is coming out with a brand new flavor of muffroom! Shitaki Strawberry!!
by Pshh...silly! July 14, 2009
A particular ladies pubic hair-style that looks like a Fungus.
"DUDE! Check out that chick! She's got a HUGE muffroom appearing from the edges of her bikini!"

"I heard you got some muffroom fish pie last night, Steve!"
by tinytommy March 27, 2010
fungi growing on a womans vagina, often containing toxins which may cause hallucinations when ingested in large quantities
i accidentally ate some muffrooms and tripped for hours, they had to pump my stomache
by magicman123gone September 23, 2009

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