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1. Like fabulous, but with a lemon twist. (from Lewis Carrol's 'The Jabberwocky')
What a frabjous day it is.
by jeNner June 17, 2003
A combination of Fair, fabulous and joyous.
Usually defined as wonderful.

"How was the tea party?"

"Quite frabjous indeed."
by Gohn Gardenza May 14, 2007
used as an exclaimation for something amazing
I found it truly frabjous that the latest K+O vlog on youtube used the phase "frabjous day!"
by VlogMe February 01, 2010
Frab: origination - France, definition - Flab
Jous: origination - France, definition - juice

Frabjous is the is the juices and mating paraphernalia recovered from the flab or skin folds inside of an obese man or woman.
I found a vibrator, peanut butter, and a small unidentifiable dog in my neighbors frabjous. The dog was dead upon arrival.
by Haffa Blowie September 24, 2010
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