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Slang for waxing salons, especially ones that do Brazilians and other specialty 'muff' work. Slang refers to how the wax is ripped or stripped off, pulling out the stubble or hair with it.
Girl to Another: I need to make an appointment at the Muffrippers.

Another: Ouch, the girls who work there are sadistic!

Girl: Yes, but I need to get the muff waxed, you know, can't let the stubble get out of control.

Another: So true, but I prefer shaving to waxing. Less pain!
by sarasplayroom.com August 16, 2009
A person who does the actual waxing and ripping of pubic hair at a salon. Usual some oriental chick.
I went to the muff rippers today because bikini season is coming up.
by Tarrif January 31, 2003