A person (male or female) who intentionally or unintentionally stops the progress of one woman getting some pussy from another.
I was about to get some of that fine ass pussy over there until Paul came up and started talking about Star Wars again, he's such a muffler.
#pussy blocker #cock blocker #lesbians #getting laid #going down
by Amanda Likes It That Way November 05, 2008
Something that shouldn't be loud.
Ricer: Oh yeah I just got a loud muffler for my car so people will think my car is cool because it has a loud exhaust but I'm too poor to afford a real powerful car!

Me: ......You're an idiot.
#ricer #honda #loud #fart #annoying
by Kevin Esser February 25, 2008
slang term for cigarette, widely used in arizona.
(due to it's stricking resemblemce to a muffler, complete with the smoke exiting.)
"after i was finished making love to the prostitute, i fired up a muffler and sipped on some zinfandel, with a smile."
#cigarette #fag #cigarettes #cancer stick #smoke #square
by Cosmo S. February 16, 2006
When in a public bathroom one takes a wad of toilet paper (shit tickets); and holds it over ones asshole to hide the explosive fart and or shit that is about to rumble the bowl.This act can save one much embarrasment especially on a first date or while visiting the in laws at their tiny camper.

Be cautious a muffler may be a bit messier than the standard crap, but may be used in emergencies with guaranteed results.
ex 1.)*noun - Once in the bathroom,I decided to use a muffler after holding in that fart the whole way to his apartment.
ex 2.)* verb - Joe put a muffler on his tailpipe so his mother in law would not be offended by his morning dump.
by Juliagoolia August 20, 2005
When someone is tossing your salad and you fart in their mouth.
Then say: "Boom... Muffler!"
by dspinner January 24, 2005
A classification of modern homosexual. A buff gym rat at a pool party, who wears shirts sizes to small - when if ever he bothers to wear a shirt. Often sporting large poorly done tribal tattoos decided upon when sped up or on poppers. Also as a species they can be quite loud. Also there is a high transormation rate into your standard bear with age.
That pack of mufflers totally just cruised you.

Do you smell that? Is it suntan lotion and sperm? Must be a pack of mufflers!
#gay #bears #muscle boys #suntan #party
by Davidbrianpalmspring April 11, 2010
A failed attempt at cunnilingus as evidenced by your girlfriends' stoic and silent body language/expressions
Yo bro it was pretty quiet in there last night, what were you doing giving her a muffler?
#carolina tarheel #black hawk down #diareigional #vaganus #salty dog
by Ridiculon May 30, 2009
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