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Skud missiles are the solid/diarrhea anal rockets that wreak massive havoc on the toilet, leaving trademark skid marks on both the toilet and your ass cheeks. Skud Missiles are dirty and necessitate the sacrifice of many pieces of toilet paper.
Fuck dude, those hot dogs are gonna give me skud missiles.
by Ridiculon June 20, 2007
A carolina tarheel is defined by the sexual act of performing a cleveland steamer on his or her partner's chest then placing either the right or left foot upon the previously deposited steaming dump and squishing it, leaving a turd footprint that resembles a tarheel print.
Its my girlfriend's birthday, I am gonna give her a Carolina Tarheel.
by Ridiculon June 20, 2007
A fajanal is a recognizable variation of the common footjob performed when one person performs sexual toe actions to his female mate's anus.
I gave my girlfriend a fajanal last night accidentally when i was stroking her thighs with my feet and probed her anus with my toe.
by Ridiculon May 31, 2009
A Douche wanderer, or conversely stated, a wandering douche, is a specific type of d-bag that interjects to make a snide douchy comment that's most likely malicious, and, most importantly, this douche is often a complete stranger or not engrossed in the conversation.
I was skating yesterday and not landing many tricks when a douche wanderer approached me and remarked "nice moves" then walked away snidely laughing aloud.
by Ridiculon May 31, 2009
Masturbation while taking in a smooth duck buttery jazz piece. Although recommended, Spandex is not required.
Shit, I'm gonna perform a textbook jazzercize exercise by running a coltrane all up my lavish member. I'm gonna rub my cannonballs to some Cannonball Adderlay
by Ridiculon May 24, 2009
A failed attempt at cunnilingus as evidenced by your girlfriends' stoic and silent body language/expressions
Yo bro it was pretty quiet in there last night, what were you doing giving her a muffler?
by Ridiculon May 30, 2009

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