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A muffkin is directly connected to its original meaning of a blumpkin. A muffkin, however, is the act of getting an oral service while taking a dump. The only difference is the guy is preforming the service hence the name "Muff"kin.
Brian: "Dude, I was giving this spanish chick a muffkin last night right? And a little bit got on my chin!"
Joe: "Sweet! Did you take pictures?"
by Nit2WinIt February 11, 2009
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To receive cunnilingus while pooing.
Following the most breathtaking muffkin I have ever been given, my brother wiped my anus clean with his tongue.
by Vaginatarian November 22, 2002
When a GIRL is taking a shit and her loved one is eating out her pussy. Basically, a reverse blumpkin.
When I was taking a poop at work, my boss came in the stall with me and gave me a muffkin.
by Carve a ham! August 12, 2011
The act of going down on a girl while she is taking a shit. Similar to bumpkin.
I gave my home bitch a muffkin after she let me have my birthday blumpkin.
by TheCrazyBunch October 07, 2011
The female version of a blumpkin. The act of getting eatin out while taking a shit. A female receiving oral sex while taking a shit.
Jan received a muffkin from billy.
by hankthehawk June 15, 2010

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