It's a Jersey thing.
Stan: At Sizzler, when you were yelling "muff cabbage," what's "muff cabbage?"
Kyle: It's a- it's a Jersey thing.
by Loose Finger Louie October 14, 2010
n 1. Loose hanging labia (minora). Used as an insult. Allegedly, a result of having multiple partners.

n. 2. A used woman; floozy
I opened her lips, but couldn't find the hole. All I could see was her muff cabbage blowing in the breeze!
by SouthPark101 October 16, 2010
"MUFF GARBAGE," but when spoken with a thick Jersey accent it sounds like "Muff Cabbage."

Muff Garbage (or Muff Cabbage) is a term invented by the creators of the television show South Park and had no prior usage before the Oct.14, 2010 airing of the South Park episode "It's a Jersey Thing."
I'm a 14 year-old moron who is addicted to South Park, so I'm gonna start saying Muff Cabbage all the time.
by eyeballish October 16, 2010
Muff cabbage- another word for a womens private parts. aka their vertical smile aka their snatch aka. vigina

this was used in south parks jersey shore episode
your garbage, your a muff cabbage or you smell like a muff cabbage
by crazyace October 15, 2010
It's a Jersey thing.
You got fucking muff cabbage in your muff!
by TheKruton October 15, 2010
Type of vagina that smells like cabbage and a assortment of "meat flaps" petruding from the clitoris. Usually found in jersey girls
That chick I fucked last night had mad muff cabbage!
by Zzkconncar October 15, 2010
A slang term for a woman's vagina.
You are a muff cabbage.
by WiggyTheCanuck October 15, 2010

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