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A term for every man's legal right to some muff if their Girlfriend won't provide (not to be confused with 'can't provide'). Usually this right is exercised around 'that time of the month' if the girl friend in question is not keen on taking it up the shitter.
Rob: Fuck, haven't had a shag for weeks!!! She keeps reading this bloody chick book in bed and claiming she's too tired!
Barry: I hope you've being usuing your muff allowance!?
Rob: Well son, here's the clever part, I've been accruing it, you know, like overtime, and tonight due to 3 weeks sexual starvation I'm going to have an orgy with 6 girls and a lady boy.
Barry: Nice work! Damn I need to fird a girlfriend not to have sex with!
by Smeggles182 January 16, 2010