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MUFF MONOPOLY: when a man takes viagra and goes out and fucks as many whores in one night as possible. The price of the whore depends on the area in which they are found, a high priced area or a shithole. many sexual acts are allowed in muff monopoly, for the males pleasure and the whores agony. killing the whores after is allowed and 1 whore may be counted as 2 if the kill is gruesome enough. example: something very sick such as making an incision in the stomach and then using his erection; stab inside the whole until the whore dies.
a man goes out and has sexual intercourse withwhores, as many as possible= muff monopoly. he then may want to alaskan pipeline her or give her a strawberry cheesecake. whoever scores with the most whores in one night session wins.
by bumbutcher January 18, 2010

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