Top Definition
A YouTuber that hates everything.
He made rants on Justin Bieber,
Miley Cyrus,The Jonas Brothers,
Lil' Wayne,Taylor Swift,and even
Eminem. Instead of a douchebag

who rants on everything,he rants
on things that need to have rants.
Sub to this dude,he awsome!
Guy 1-Did you see that new Lil Wayne rant
Mues released?
Guy 2-Yes,this guy is really persuasive.
by Sevenelevener December 15, 2010
Someone awesome who doesn't need any reason why to explain their awesomeness. Just one look tells you about their aura of awesomeness.
Joe: Man, I wish I could be like that guy, he's got Mue written all over him!

Lesley: Agreed man!
by Pidover March 27, 2011
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