An extreeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmly ugly person.
That chick Aaron fucked was a md bucket.
by metamorphosis May 15, 2004
Top Definition
Noun: A non-descript, generic automobile. A car that totally lacks excitement and has no exciting features.
Grandma drives an old mud bucket.

You must be an old pooter if you like that lame-ass mud bucket.
by Tomhere May 01, 2012
Some sort of smoking paraphernalia which was scraped and filled with resin.
Stoner 1: I'm feinding for some bud bro.

Stoner 2: I understand, I'll scrape my bowl and we'll smoke a quick mud bucket.

Stoner 1 and Stoner 2: Hooray for mud buckets!
by Stevenoni January 20, 2008
A toilet full of diarrhea
Man, somebody left a mud bucket in the bathroom.
by Elwood P. Lobos October 16, 2009

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