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Mubarak (v.): To stick something.
I will Mubarak you to the wall
by wang_wang February 06, 2011
(v): To threaten someone through stubbornness, torture and Sodomy.
Johnny, If you don't do your homework, I will Mubarak you till you can't walk no more.
by sarcasticmonkey February 05, 2011
Mubarak(v.): To stick something, or to glue something.

Mubarak (adj.): slow to learn or understand.

Mubarak (n.): a ...psychotic ex-girlfriend who fails to understand it's over!
Example: "i will punch you and Mubarak you to the wall" OR "you can Mubarak the pieces to hold them together

Ex: "Why do you have to be so mubarak?!
by Dr. Elasad February 10, 2011
To stick to something
I will mubarak you to the wall.
by yasmein February 05, 2011
Mubarak (v.): To stick or glue something.
I have toiled paper mubaraked to my butt.
by justsomeguy23 February 05, 2011
To stick to something
I will mubarak you to the wall!

Why do you mubarak on the chair ?
by EgyRevo February 05, 2011
To stick something.
Example: I will mubarak you to the wall
by ha.ab February 05, 2011