A verb that is mainly used in Egypt to refer to great stubbornness or in other cases to stick to much to something. to mubarak something it to make it inseparable.
I will mubarak the presidential position in Egypt.
He mubaraked his opinion and could not be convinced he was wrong.
Oh love, we will mubarak each other for eternity.
by baher reyad February 05, 2011
To suppress, stop, squelch, control anything and everything.

A hoggish, greedy person not wanting to give or share.
You told her to "shut up". You are such a Mubarak.

I'm gonna Mubarak your ass, if don't stop farting.

Man to ex-wife: I'm not going to give you the house. I will Mubarak myself inside , even if you call the cops!
by Virtualvine1 February 05, 2011

In the realms of CT also referred to as "Almighty"
Praise the muba, for he is our lord
by Mub January 20, 2005
A person who looks Like a hog rider from clash of clans
Hey look he sending out the Mubaraks hopefully my base can defend it
by Moonmanccc June 24, 2016
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