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mq means the main quest
John: I have problems with mq in this game. pls help!
Jim: no shit!
by extreme zombie 24 September 08, 2005
Moon Queen in Heroes of Newearth Game
Team mate 1: MQ just got level 6, watch out for her ulti

Team mate 2: K
#hon #heroes #dota #s2 games #garena
by DaMoobs July 20, 2011
Monkey Queen. An MQ is a girl that is so ugly, she looks like a monkey.
Damn man, look at that chick with the weave and the tight jeans, she's hot.

Response: Eww, i don't date MQ's.
#ugly #monkey #girl #cute #chick
by DreJam July 11, 2006
1.Initials of a person's first and middle name with the 1st capitalized and the middle not
2. Someone who will never in their life time be In Love or have Sex.
See also Periodic Table of Elements
by Sap December 24, 2004
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