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Derived from Human Animal Male

Attractive Heterosexual Male

Ladie's Man
Lady "Killer"

The guy all women want sexually.
John is such a Humanimale, I wanna do him!
by Sap December 24, 2004
The Greatest Song Ever Created by the Heavy Metal band...Metallica

F.O.B.D. was the 1st title of the song
Until It Sleeps is the chosen name
Fell On Black Days=
a horrible time in life.
by Sap December 26, 2004
1.Initials of a person's first and middle name with the 1st capitalized and the middle not
2. Someone who will never in their life time be In Love or have Sex.
See also Periodic Table of Elements
by Sap December 24, 2004
a cottage cheese like substance found on horse cock.
All my life i thought my grandma was feeding me cottage cheese but it turned out to be shmagma
by SAP April 08, 2004
A Fart.

background: if a spider could make a sound it would "bark" and it wouldn't be as loud as a dog bark, and a fart isn't as loud as a dog and it's near to the ground. If someone farts and everyone looks around to see who done it,but everyone acts innocent one
might say... It was a Barking Spider
(fart) I didn't fart, it was a Barking Spider!
by Sap December 25, 2004
a threesome involving 2 men and one woman where both men hump the chick at one point or another during the ordeal.
Mike and Jay kiboshed that fat chick last night!
by SAP March 03, 2005
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