To be extremely drunk. So named in honor of the famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who spent extended periods of time composing music while feverishly intoxicated.
Dude #1: "Dude, you were effin' Mozart last night."

Dude #2: "Yeah, I heard I composed all over Drew's van..."
by RHH January 26, 2009
Top Definition
One bad ass mofo who could rock the piano like no one else.
Bach ain't got nothin' on Mozart.

When I grow up, I want to be just like Mozart.
by Clyde November 12, 2004
A composer/performer of Classical music. Born 1756, died 1791. A musical prodigy, he began to play the keyboard at age 3, and composed his first piece of music at the age of 5. His works are often regarded to be the epitome of the Classical era of music, perhaps because he the most well-known of Classical composers. Some of his most famous works include the Symphony no. 40 and his collection of piano sonatas.
I played Mozart's Sonata no. 12 yesterday for a recital.
by BLARG man March 02, 2005
The greatest composer of classical music ever. This genius has composed some of the most memorable music ever, such as his Symphony No. 40 and the Requiem. His career was a short one, for he died at the age of 31. Although he was very popular, he did not earn much money for his composition. He died in a pauper's grave, unmarked too.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is unmatched in his skill of composing music. He changed classical music forever, and set a bar so high that still no one has managed to overcome.
by Joe Millionaire November 13, 2003
A genius musician who lived rich, died young, and wrote the best music ever.
Is there really anything left to say?
by D. Campbell August 12, 2005
The greatest musical mind ever to live. Only a handful of people can compare with him in terms of musical proficiancy.
Anyone who denies Mozart's musical supremacy lacks logic.
by 999999999999999999 August 21, 2010
When your banging a person in front of the piano while you bash their head on the piano keys
I pulled a Mozart on this chick so bad Chopin came out her ass!
by Adafoo June 30, 2013
A composer/pianist who arguably wrote some of the greatest music of all time. Mozart was neither popular nor rich during his lifetime. In fact, Mozart was extremely poor and could hardly afford food for himself, his wife, and his two children. Mozart was virtually starved at the time of his death, he may have lived longer had he more money to afford food and good living conditions.
It is not known where Mozart is buried because he did not have enough money left for his family to buy him a proper burial. It is assumed that he was buried in a mass grave for paupers. Sadly, many composers, painters, and playwrights died unpopular and relatively poor and have only received fame and glory far after their deaths.
Johnny: Mozart was a genius musician who lived rich, died young, and wrote the best music ever.

Hans: He most certainly did not live rich, and to say that he wrote the best music ever is completely opinionated and debatable.

Johnny: Oh sorry, I'll go back to kindergarten now.

Hans: Ok good, I'll be over at Julliard if you need anything else.
by Whyarepeoplestupid? March 17, 2009
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