high, messed up. Also can be used as a common saying.
Moshe: yoo i was so mozed last night.
Eric: Sameee, I'm mozed right now.
by Greg Willard November 28, 2007
name of the slobby weed dealer played by Johnny vegas in witty bbc 3 sitcom IDEAL.
"dont mess with another mans butty, have you not read the unwritten rules - RUDE!" - moz

"oh judith, if you didnt sleep with corpses youd be me ideal woman." - moz
by mr.G.G April 17, 2006
The nickname or shortened version of Morrissey... who was the singer of English pre-emo band, The Smiths. Before the Smiths and homosexuality he was singing in the Nosebleeds.
"Moz is all the rage now that the Smiths are retro... BrandNew is gay."
by JayR August 27, 2003
a talented veggie homo who is the godfather of britpop
Though Moz is gay, he is still cool
by carlos ramirez June 28, 2004
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