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1. A statement void of all logic and reason with no intention to change whatsoever. To create a Moyerism, one must fail to see reason or rationale of any kind and/or additionally rail against fact as truth.

2. A truth held self-evident, but is either circular in logic, or absolutely unreasonable.

3. A positively false statement, made with a stubborn refusal to change without explanation. Alternatively, a messiah complex of some sort.
1. These people judge based on their Moyerisms, and refuse to see reason no matter how blatent.

2.(as a reply to a statement) That is a Moyerism.
by whatever February 06, 2005
The act of searching the internet hoping to see information about the actor Stephen Moyer and deriving sexual enjoyment and gratification.
I felt like a voyeur as I performed my "daily moyerism" of surfing the internet to find photos of Stephen Moyer.
by lynnpd99 February 28, 2009